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  • **学历要求: **本科
  • **工作年限: **5-10年
  • **所属部门: **艺术设计中心-Easy美术部-TNT
  • **工作城市: **国外
  • **发布日期: **2022-04-08











Job Description

1、Participate in shaping the visual creative vision of the game CG video, exploring the ultimate style, details and memory points of the game video art.

2, reference game branding, concept art, storyboards, game illustration and design, real-time VFX in video production.

3, design and implement high quality performance and imaginative visual effects, work with technical art to ensure that it has the technology, functionality needed to achieve VFX, so that video effects meet visual benchmarks, and give artistic and technical guidance to production members.

4, to meet the design needs of the team and cooperation departments, to provide visual stylized high-quality effects of visual effects and technical solutions

(Content includes: Motion Video, narrative CG, program columns, product launch videos, etc.).

5, develop VFX workflow to best practices to improve quality and efficiency.

6、Working with creative and technical teams to anticipate and solve technical challenges within established constraints and visual requirements.

7, track digital art trends, help improve the team’s artistic and technical level, and assist the production in stocking digital art design type vendor resources.






4、CINEMA 4 d、Houdini、Maya、3D StudioMax、Blender、Premiere、AfterEffects、Photoshop、またはこれに相当するツールを使用することでハイクオリティーのVFXを作成できる方。

5、3ds Maxまたはパーティクル、動力学系の知識を備え、水、火、天気、烟、爆発、ライティングなどを含めたスペシャルエフェクトの作成ができる方;



Job Requirements

1, professional visual effects experience in the game or film industry, familiar with modeling, texture, lighting and image processing related knowledge.

2、In-depth understanding of art fundamentals: color theory, lighting, shapes, composition, etc..

  1. Creative, adaptable to a variety of artistic styles, and willing to experiment and demonstrate methods and solutions that help push the edge of VFX possibilities.

  2. creating high quality VFX using CINEMA 4D, Houdini, Maya, 3D StudioMax, Blender, Premiere, AfterEffects, Photoshop or equivalent tools.

5, knowledge of 3ds Max or particles, dynamics systems, and the creation of special effects, including such as water, fire, weather, smoke, explosions, lighting, etc..

6, with problem solving and troubleshooting skills, able to balance quality and technical limitations.

7、In-depth understanding of AAA game level art, long-term attention to film and television visual effects cutting-edge technology implementation and aesthetic trends, and the ability to achieve goals through learning or external technology.

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